Capteurs de niveau d’eau à 200 mètres

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200 meters water level sensors


Operation of 200 meters water level sensors

When measuring, let the winding coil rotate freely, press the power button, put the probe into the water level pipe, hold the steel ruler cable, let the probe move downward slowly, when the contact point of the probe touches the water surface, the sound of the receiving system will emit continuous buzzing. At this time, read out the depth size of the steel ruler cable at the pipe mouth, that is, the distance between the groundwater level and the pipe mouth. (If the buzzer cannot hear when measuring in a noisy environment, the indicator and voltmeter can be observed. )

Users must pay attention to two points when measuring and reading:

A) When the contact of the probe touches the water surface, the sound will be emitted, the indicator light will be on and the voltmeter pointer will rotate. At this time, the steel ruler cable should be placed slowly so that the exact position of the pronunciation or indication moment can be found carefully and the depth and size of the point from the hole can be read out.

B) The accuracy of reading depends on timely judgment of the starting position of buzzer or indicator. The accuracy of measurement is related to the operator’s proficiency. Therefore, repeated practice and operation should be carried out.



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