Machine à graver rotative pour la fabrication de profilés en aluminium

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A axis 50 Chuck and Thimble 4 4th axis rotary wood carving Cnc router machyinery for aluminum profile making engraving machine

Product Description

50mm chuck with motor
Overall dimension: 127*118*75mm
Chuck model: K01-50 hand tight three-jaw self-centering chuck
Center height: 44mm
Total height: 75mm
Transmission ratio: 4:1 (Synchronous speed reduction)
Stepper motor: 2 phase 4 wire nema 17
Accessories: a set of wrench

Parameters of 50 thimble
1. Overall dimension: 100*96*64mm

Center height: 44mm

3. Total height: 64mm
4. Telescopic rotary tip, maximum retractable length 30mm Containing 2 bearings, stable operation, low offset. Exquisite appearance,
easy installation and use.
5. Widely used in small lathes, beads, carpentry, wenwan, DIY, micro-tools and other industries.

Application Areas

Production process

winding line

stator waveform check


R cover assembly

F cover assembly

driver a screw


characteristic check

axis height check

visual inspection

attach a label


Informations complémentaires

Model Number

50 chuck and thimble


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