Intelligent Cement Grouting Machine for Construction Industry

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Intelligent Cement Grouting Machine for Construction Industry


Product Description

Intelligent grouting machine




The main technical parameters are as follows:


1. Automatic grouting (high-speed mixing) Trolley: automatic feeding,automatio measurement, automatic packing, LCD display, stirring speed of 1020 rev / min, blade line speed of less than 15 m/s, weighing accuracy To +-0.4%, much better than the Ministryof Railways requirements of +-1%. Stirring data can be recorded each time, and can always access the historical stirring data (the function can be arbitrarily closed) can be accurate to two decimal units. The working procedure is as follows: the first automaticwater 90% or 80%, and then automatically run the high-speed mixing tank and automatically add slurry, cement, followed by stirring for two minutes, and then add the remaining 10% or 20% Stirring for 2 minutes can be discharged into the storage tank with mixing function reserve The device in addition to the automatic function, the collar has a manual function, you can manually complete all of the above procedures or individual work proceduresThe maximum stirring capacity of 700kg, sufficient to supply various types ofgrouting machine use.


2. Vacuum pump maximum vacuum up to-0.097, better than the provisions of the Ministry of Railways-0.092


3. The grouting machine is continuous working mode, the pressure is no fluctuation, the pumping slurry is free of bubbles, the theoretical workload is 4.5 to 10 cubic meters /hour, and the electric control automatic or manual manual (pressure holding tank) Pressure function, the use of DYL90-speed grouting pump can be stepless pressure, pressure, pressure range can be adjusted freely, and the pressure gauge indicates stability, the pointer does not beating. Pressure gauge total range of 1.6MPa, the minimum scale value of less than 0.1 MPa, grouting pressure when the actual pressure is located in the range of 25% to 75% of the pressure gauge, measurement more accurate.



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